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1. Which are the stages that must be followed in order to complete a valid adoption?
2. Who are the personswhose consent is demanded for the valid conclusion of the adoption?
3. Under what circumstances is the expression of the consent considered to be valid?
4. In what concerns the consent of the spouse of the adopter, can it be replaced or waived?
5. Are there cases when the consent of the biological parents of the child to be adopted is not required?
6. Is the consent of only one of the biological parents legally sufficient for the conclusion of the adoption?
7. What are the conditions making valid the consent of the biological parents of the child to be adopted?
8. Can the consent of the biological parents of the child to be adopted be revoked?
9. If the parent who revoked the consent is deceased, can the adoption still be concluded?
10. In the case the child has no parental support, who is the person called to give its consent in view of the adoption?
11. What are the conditions to be fulfilled by the person or family (two spouses) willing to adopt?
12. Is there a maximal age limit for the adopter?
13. Which is the maximal age up to which a child can be adopted?
14. Which are the competent special bodies regulating adoption issues?
15. Which are the prerogatives the Commission for Child Protection can exert in order for the adoption to be considered valid?
16. Under what conditions and within what time-span is the certificate for entrusting the child to the person or family willing to adopt issued by the Commission for Child Protection?
17. Is adoption always preceded by the entrusting of the child to the potential adopter?

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